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We are glad you have decided to stop by to take a look at our website. We hope this allows you to get a sense about who we are and what we have to offer.

You may be reading this website because you have reached a point where it has become clear that you want, or even need, to do something differently in your life. You may want to go from a place of merely surviving, to one of thriving. If so, we invite you to create the space to reflect and take a closer look at yourself and your life.


Mindy Marx, LCSW, founder of Reflections Psychotherapy, has over 30 years of experience working as a Clinical Social Worker. When Mindy decided to expand from her many years as a solo practitioner to forming a small group practice, she found herself struggling to come up with “just the right name”. After many months of overthinking and brainstorming to no avail, Mindy took a break from a process that was obviously not working. Instead of continuing on this same path, she created space for a name to emerge in its own way and time. This shift in Mindy’s approach ultimately allowed her to gain access to her own intuitive process, bringing the full name, “Reflections Psychotherapy: Seeing Freeing, Being”, into fruition.

Upon further reflection, Mindy realized that her process of choosing a name mirrors much of the shift that is encouraged with all Reflection’s clients. “Creating space” in this way, makes room for new energy and ideas to emerge that are an important part of shaping change.

“Seeing, Freeing and Being” are essential components of how the process of treatment is viewed at Reflections Psychotherapy. While they are presented below in a linear way, we find that people typically move back and forth between phases as they take steps towards change and gain new information about themselves.


According to Albert Einstein “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”. In other words, in order to bring change to our lives, we must first be able to see our situation from a new perspective.

At Reflections Psychotherapy, we facilitate this by providing an objective, non-judgmental lens to help you see yourself and your concerns from a different point of view. In order to more fully consider your circumstance, our therapists will help you to increase your level of awareness of the patterns in your current life which may be playing a role in keeping you feeling stuck. Additionally, we find that it is often important to examine and understand how your past experiences and relationships have shaped the person you are today.

Our hope is that you can approach this self-exploration with a sense of curiosity, rather than with self-criticism or judgment. We believe that it is through this process of self-discovery that you can uncover the clues which help to illuminate your path of change.


Once we gain a greater understanding of how we have arrived at our current situation, and the types of patterns and beliefs that may contribute to maintaining our problems, we then have the opportunity to create lasting change.

While here at Reflections we believe insight and understanding are important contributors, taking action is necessary for the freeing process to occur. This active work takes place during the therapy sessions, as well as in the interim time between meetings.

In addition to helping you reflect, our therapists serve as guides, teaching new skill sets and strategies. Learning how to sit with and manage powerful emotions, improving communication skills, setting better boundaries, and discerning the life areas you are able to change from those you are not, are examples of some of the many important benefits you may gain along the way. Reflections therapists are trained to creatively utilize many different techniques and interventions to help facilitate growth. It is through the practicing and implementing of these new skills that allows you to free yourself from ways of being which no longer serve you.


At Reflections Psychotherapy, we believe “being” is about arriving at a place of greater comfort with yourself and the ways you show up in the world. It’s about being more present in your life, and also about enjoying authentic connections with others.

It is our vision that as a result of your experiences at Reflections, you will be able to create and live a more meaningful life. The specific characteristics of that life will be unique to you and the goals that you set for yourself.

While “Being” is our third phase, we certainly don’t view it as the ending point of personal growth and exploration. For many it’s a marker of new beginnings.

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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